About Us

Who is the Foundation?

Our Mission

To support and enhance ORHS and the El Dorado Hills Community by promoting interscholastic, academic and cultural programs as well as capital improvements that promote continual learning.

Please consider donating your time or financial support in helping us achieve excellence in the classrooms at Oak Ridge!

Oak Ridge High School Foundation

Our Focus

Our focus is supporting excellence by funding projects and programs that enhance the education opportunities and environment of ORHS and the El Dorado Hills community.


  • President: Lori Sprenger
  • Secretary: Cathy Porter
  • Treasurer: Chris Klyse

Executive Board Members

  • Ann Root
  • Wayne Regan
  • Heather Clanton
  • Angelito Fortes
  • Elizabeth Davies
  • Melissa Quade
  • Stacie Thum
  • Laura Gratt
  • Candace Andujar
  • Angie Platt

Summary of ORHS Foundation Projects