Thank you for your interest in learning more about the ORHS Foundation and helping to continue a tradition of success, growth, and excellence at ORHS. For almost 20 years, the ORHS Foundation has been an all-volunteer and largely parent drive organization raising millions for state-of-the-art facilities, classroom resources, and curriculum needs. We can only continue such success with more volunteers, parents and engaging community members to carry forward the tradition. Give an hour a month...5 hours per month...10 hours or more. Regardless- every hour is invaluable each year in helping 2,500 students and 400 staff succeed while at Oak Ridge and their future endeavors.


Here are a few needs right now:

  • Golf Tournament Committee
  • Corporate Sponsor Committee
  • Advertising
  • Reserved Stadium Seating Support
  • Alumni and Community Outreach Support

Contact us for volunteer opportunities orhsfedh@gmail.com

Thank you for helping us "Engage for Excellence"