Teacher Grants

Teacher Grant

Oak Ridge High School Foundation (ORHSF) Excellence in Teaching Grant Program

The ORHSF Excellence in Teaching Grant Program is a tool offered to the teaching professionals of ORHS to supplement classroom funding. The grant program aims to help teachers turn great ideas into action that will enhance the learning opportunities for the students of ORHS. Innovative, creative and effective proposals that cannot be covered by traditional school financing are targeted.

Who do we fund?

Grants of up to $500 ($1,000 for a collaborative grant) will be awarded to any teacher or group of teachers of ORHS. Any ORHS teacher can apply for the purchase of technology or materials, access to field trips or other innovative ideas to be implemented in the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to try new ideas and to share the best ideas with other teachers.

General Guidelines

ORHSF Teaching grants supplement rather than supplant regular district funding. ORHSF will support the purchase of equipment and materials which go beyond school budgets.
Applicants must submit an application that provides a descriptive title, articulates the specific details of the project/activity that the funding will enable, the total cost of the project/activity, timeline for using the funds, the number of students to benefit from the project/activity and a brief description of the benefits the funding will provide.
If the costs of the project exceed $500 (or $1,000 for a collaborative grant), applicants should explain the source of funds beyond the amount of the ORHSF grant.

When and How Do I Apply?

Applications are accepted between August and September of each year. Teachers are asked to provide some general information about themselves and the class(es) they teach and to review the proposal with the ORHS principal. Click here to get a PDF of the ORHSF Excellence in Teaching Grant Application.

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