Success Stories

For the past decade the Oak Ridge High School Foundation has worked with the district and school staff to improve the experience of students and teachers at Oak Ridge. The Foundation has raised and spent over $1.5 million on projects and programs at the high school. Almost all of the Foundations initial capital campaign was completed and we now look forward to a new generation of projects, programs and improvements. Please take a look at our successes as well as what we see as our next set of funding needs.



Math Program Software 
Shot Put and Discus Event Area
August 2015


Computer Hardware
Track Area Path Walk of Fame
 May 2015
Science Program Lab Equipment
Softball Field Upgrade
June 2015
Student Scholarships
June 2015



Media Arts Curriculum Equipment
School-Wide Rebranding Campaign
August 2014
Performance Training Center Flooring
November 2013
New Gymnasium Video Scoreboard
November 2013



21st Century Classroom
September 2013

Focused on helping Oak Ridge obtain the necessary technology to successfully transform all Oak Ridge classrooms into 21st Century classrooms, this funding provided over 130 net books for a 4-course pilot curriculum initiative in 2013. 


Wrestling Facility
October 2013

To help take the Oak Ridge Wrestling program to greater heights, the Foundation funded completely new practice mats for the new Wrestling Facility.


Trojan Performance Center
November 2013

After helping to secure an expanded facility for the new Trojan Performance Center, the Foundation funded 16 state of the art weight lifting stations as well as special flooring.



Science Computer Lab II
March 2013

The success of the first lab was so overwhelming; the Foundation funded a second mobile science computer lab. The lab, consisting of 20 laptop computers housed in a secure cabinet on wheels, enables science students to access endless amounts of data, experiments and tools to explore and solidify their science learnings.


Music Risers
January 2013

The vast variety of choir groups at ORHS have been dealing with antiquated, functionally limiting and border line unsafe music risers for years. The Foundation funded the purchase of a new set of music risers that are easy to store, efficient to set up and most importantly structurally sound to support the needs of all the ORHS choir groups. 


AP Computer Class Robots
Spring 2012


There’s no better way to bring abstract computer science concepts to life than through robotics. The Foundation funded a set of Finch robots for the ORHS AP Computer Science class. The robots are used as hands on tools for students to develop and test Java based programs. 


Science Computer Lab I
Fall 2011


Science students now have endless data, experiments and tools at their disposal with the addition of a mobile science computer lab. The lab consists of 20 laptop computers maintained in a secure locker on wheels. 

Band Instruments & Equipment
Fall 2011


Concession Stand
Spring 2009


Recognizing the need for an expanded concession stand and restroom facilities at the stadium, the Foundation worked closely with the district to allocate Measure Q funding to replace the aged and inadequate structures in place. The Foundation took a lead role in designing and overseeing the construction of the new concession stand’s kitchen as well as storage container. Foundation Board members coordinated the collection of monetary and material donations for this effort. 

Teacher Grants
Spring 2009


Fence Upgrade & Paving
Summer 2008


Soon after the new track was implemented, it became apparent that the fence around the track needed to be raised to keep individuals from leaping onto the track. The Foundation raised the necessary funding to upgrade the fencing as well as funding to repave and stripe parking near the stadium. This paved parking has been leveraged as preferred parking for home games raising funding for the Foundation’s general fund. 

Fencing and Ticket Booths
2005 and 2006


With a brand new sports field, running track and stadium bleachers, the need for new perimeter fencing as well as a new ticket booth was recognized. The Foundation solicited the necessary funding to provide a new home side ticket booth and perimeter fencing. 

All Weather Track
Summer 2004


In addition to being worn and outdated, the old running track needed to be resized to 400 meters from its existing 440 yard length. The Foundation secured a loan from Umpqua Bank to quickly have the new track installed. Once the loaned was secured and construction commenced, the Foundation worked to solicit funding from El Dorado Hills business and community members to pay off the loan.

Stadium Scoreboard
Summer 2004


The Foundation realized that a new Scoreboard would not only enhance the football facility, but create an opportunity to raise additional funds for ORHS. The money for constructing the new scoreboard was raised by selling advertising on the Scoreboard to local businesses. The Foundation hired the contractors and did most of the manual labor involved in erecting the Scoreboard. 

Home Side Bleachers
Spring 2003


Providing appropriate home seating was seen as a key improvement to the athletic field master plan. Taking a lead role, the Foundation arranged the necessary financing for this significant facility improvement. Working closely with the ORHS Sports Boosters and the School District, an agreement to equally share the costs between the three organizations was negotiated. The Foundation coordinated a capital improvement plan that obtained a third of the costs of building the bleachers. 

Quad Reconstruction
Summer of 2001


The first project of the Foundation was the remodeling of the student Quad. Years of use had transformed this popular student gathering spot into a dusty and unsightly campus location. The Foundation took the lead role in coordinating the redesign and acted as construction manager to complete the remodel ahead of schedule and for significantly less than originally estimated.




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